GALLUP: Romney Surges Back To 5-Point Lead Over Obama

Barack Obama

Photo: AP

Republican nominee Mitt Romney jumped back out to a 5-point lead over President Barack Obama in today’s Gallup tracking poll, reversing a day of gains for the president. Romney is up 5 points on Obama, 51-46, among likely voters in Gallup’s tracking. He also moved into a 48-48 tie with the president among registered voters. Those numbers were the same as Saturday’s tracking.

On Sunday, Obama had slightly closed in on Romney, following two days of miserable polling that saw his approval rating crumble and his rival jump to a comfortable advantage.

Romney led the president, 50-46, among likely voters in Sunday’s poll. Among registered voters, Obama led 48-47. Both were one-point increases for Obama from the previous day. 

Today’s polling reflects results from last Monday through yesterday. 

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