Barack Obama

Photo: AP

Republican nominee Mitt Romney remained 3 points ahead of President Barack Obama in today’s Gallup daily tracking poll, a day after Obama had closed the gap with his Republican rival among likely voters. The president, though, did keep a 1-point edge among registered voters. 

On Wednesday, Obama’s standing with likely voters improved to his best point since Oct. 16, when Romney pulled ahead to a 4-point lead in advance of the second presidential debate at Hofstra University. Obama had failed to climb within fewer than 5 points until Wednesday.

Obama also took back the lead Wednesday among registered voters and now leads Romney 48-47 with that group. That was the first lead for Obama there since Oct. 14. 

On Thursday, Obama’s approval rating dipped down to 51 per cent, still above the “safe” 50 per cent level that has been the standard for an incumbent’s re-election. His disapproval rating jumped 2 points to 44 per cent.

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