GALLUP: Mitt Romney's Lead Tightens To 6 Points Over Obama

Mitt Romney

Photo: AP

Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s lead in Gallup’s daily tracking poll tightened slightly on Monday, as he now leads President Barack Obama by 6 points among likely voters.He now leads Obama 51-45 among likely voters, down from his Sunday lead of 7 points, which matched his largest lead of the campaign

Romney’s lead also slimmed among registered voters. He now leads that group over Obama by a single point, 48-47.

Today’s results include polling from last Monday through yesterday. That means five days of post-debate polling are in the mix.

Obama’s approval rating stayed at 49 per cent, below the “safe” 50 per cent level for an incumbent’s re-election. His disapproval rating jumped a point to 46 per cent.

In other daily tracking polls: Romney is up 2 points in Rasmussen’s three-day average. In the Reuters/Ipsos online survey, the candidates are dead even.

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