GALLUP: For The Third Straight Day, Mitt Romney Keeps His 2-Point Edge Over Obama

Mitt Romney

Photo: AP

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney kept a 2-point edge among likely voters in today’s Gallup tracking poll, the third consecutive day he has held the edge over President Barack Obama.On Friday, Romney expanded his lead over President Barack Obama to 2 percentage points among likely voters. That lead has remained constant throughout the weekend.

Romney’s continued lead is significant, because today’s results reflect the average of polling from last Sunday to yesterday. So, even with Gallup dropping some of the more favourable post-debate polling days from their seven-day average, Romney continues to sustain his lead.

Obama does lead 48-46 with registered voters, but his 2-point lead is down a point from yesterday.

Also concerning for the president is his approval rating, which held at 48 per cent for the second consecutive day. That’s below the “safe” threshold for an incumbent’s re-election. His disapproval rating jumped a point to 47 per cent, giving him an almost even 48-47 approval-to-disapproval split.

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