Mitt Romney

Photo: AP

Republican Mitt Romney has retaken the lead over President Barack Obama in Gallup’s daily tracking poll Thursday and now has a 48-47 edge over the president among likely voters.Romney also made significant progress among registered voters, swinging the race 3 points there. He now trails Obama by only two points among registered voters.

Gallup editor in chief Frank Newport had said that the Romney debate bump was showing signs of subsiding, but Thursday was another day of gains for the Republican. 

On Wednesday, Obama had moved into a tie with Romney among likely voters, as both candidates drew 48 per cent of the vote. Among registered voters, Obama held a 50-45 lead — the same lead he held pre-debate.

Obama’s approval rating fell a point Thursday to 52 per cent. Still, it’s above the “safe” 50-per cent threshold for an incumbent’s re-election. 

Romney expanded his lead, meanwhile, in the Reuters/Ipsos online tracking poll today, moving into a 3-point lead over the president. Obama, though, swung the race back in his favour in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll.

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