Here's How You Can Tell Who's Going To Win Florida Tonight

Very early during Election Night, the results of key swing-state Florida could tip the election’s hand one way. If President Barack Obama wins the Sunshine State, it will be the death knell for Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Romney has maintained an edge in Florida heading into Election Day, but here’s how you can tell which candidate will win when the results start pouring in.

Here’s the map:

Florida map

Photo: Brett LoGiurato/Business Insider (Map via Wikimedia Commons)

Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties: These are counties to watch simply because of the voting mess that started over the weekend and continued on Tuesday. The three counties provided monster numbers for Obama in 2008,  providing nearly one-third of his raw vote total. This year, he is counting on voters here to turn out in droves for him again. If they do, Obama could be poised for an upset — and a quick re-election victory — tonight. 

Hillsborough, Orange, Sarasota and Volusia Counties: The four “I-4 corridor” counties serve make up Florida’s crucial swing region. Whichever candidate pulls out a win here will likely win the whole state. 

Each of these counties turned out more than 200,000 raw votes each in 2008, and Obama won all four with at least 50 per cent% of the vote. 

Depending on how much Romney can shift these counties, it could prove crucial to him closing the gap  relative to 2008. Obama won the state by a narrow margin in 2008, beating McCain by less than 3 percentage points. Eating away at Obama’s vote total in the I-4 corridor could go a long way toward turning the state back to red in 2012. 

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