OBAMA: I Was Down On The Replacement Refs Before It Was Cool

Barack Obama, who is a big sports fan, joined the chorus rooting for an end to NFL referee lockout today.

Nothing too fiery here, but he’s keeping his finger on the pulse. Here’s what he tweeted at first:

A few minutes later, his Twitter team (Obama always uses the “-bo” when he tweets personally) fired off another one linking to a story from last week in the Milwauke Journal Sentinel:

Obama is a bigger sports fan than you realised, so it’s not surprising that he was on this replacement refs thing before it went mainstream today.

Here more from Obama, via the White House pool report:

Carney noted that the president had discussed the issue last week in an interview with a Cleveland radio station and “as a sports fan he thought it was time to get back to the regular refs. This morning I talked to him about the end of the Packers-Seahawks game and he said that what happened in that game is a perfect example of why both sides need to come together, resolve their differences so that the regular refs can get back on the field and we can start focusing on a game that so many of us love rather than debating whether of not a game is won or lost because of a bad call.

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