Obama on a possible Trump win: 'Anything is possible'

Obama Today showScreenshot/ NBC the Today Show.Barack Obama appears on the Today Show.

Barack Obama is now apparently taking the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency seriously.

Obama appeared on NBC’s “Today” show on Wednesday, saying “anything is possible” after host Savannah Guthrie asked him if Trump could win the election in November.

“Anything is possible,” Obama said. “It is the nature of democracy that until those votes are cast and the American people — you know, have their say — we don’t know.”

He continued by saying that he’s seen “all kinds of crazy stuff happen,” over his 20 years in politics.

Asked whether he was worried by the possibility of a Trump presidency, Obama said he thinks it’s “scary,” that Trump “doesn’t know his stuff,” and that Trump has no interest in learning what he doesn’t know.

Obama continued:

“I think if you listen to any press conference he’s given, or listen to any of those debates, basic knowledge — about the world or what a nuclear triad is or where various countries are or, you know, the difference between Sunni and Shia in the Muslim world — those are things that he doesn’t know and hasn’t seemed to spend a lot of time trying to find out about.”

As for whether Obama has any advice for Democrats in the upcoming election, he said to “stay worried until all those those votes are cast and counted.”

“One of the dangers in an election like this is that people don’t take the challenge seriously,” he said. “They stay home. And we end up getting the unexpected.”

Trump is riding high after a post-convention bump in the polls. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, will speak at the Democratic convention on Thursday.

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