YIKES: Obama Is In Trouble In OREGON?

More bad news in the polls today for Barack Obama: Oregon, according to a new poll by Survey USA, is suddenly in play. Oregon hasn’t gone red since Ronald Reagan in 1984. Obama won there in a landslide in 2008 over John McCain — 57 per cent to 40 per cent.

But this poll shows him leading by just four points — 47 per cent to 43 per cent

Obama Romney poll

Photo: Survey USA

This also marks a drastic shift from Survey USA’s last poll of Oregon. In March, Obama was leading there comfortably, by 11 points

There’s no other reliable polling at this point in Oregon, but it will be interesting to see if this develops into a trouble area for Obama.

From the numbers, it appears that Oregonians are not lining up to support Mitt Romney — he’s getting 43 per cent, so compare that to McCain’s 40 per cent in 2008. Rather, it appears that a lot of those undecideds have become lukewarm on their votes from 2008. 

Here’s an important subset from that data, though — Obama is winning with Independents by 11 points.

Some other subset numbers in the poll: Obama leads with women by 13 points, and Romney leads with men by 6 points. That’s a 19-point gender gap.

Also, a weird stat: Romney garners just 6 per cent of the vote from self-described “liberal” voters, but 16 per cent from “very liberal” voters. 

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