President Obama To Host Screening Of 'Lincoln' Tonight In The White House

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Upon returning to the White House tonight after surveying Hurricane Sandy damage in New York, President Obama will host a film screening of Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln.”According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s cast and crew, including Spielberg himself, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Fields, Tommy Lee Jones, producer Kathleen Kennedy, and DreamWorks co-chairman and CEO Stacey Snider will all be in attendance.

Spielberg was an outspoken supporter during Obama’s re-election campaign, donating $1 million to super PAC Priorities USA

Day-Lewis, who stars as President Lincoln in the film, mocked Clint Eastwood’s now-famous empty chair monologue at the RNA while accepting an award at the Britannia Awards earlier this month.

Daniel Day Lewis Abe Lincoln

“I have to say that I’m so extremely grateful and glad that — taking time out of his very busy schedule, the recently re-elected president of this country has made it here,” Day-Lewis said as he pointed at an empty chair near him on stage.During the film’s unofficial bow at the New York Film Festival, “Lincoln’s” screenplay writer Tony Kushner noted that the 16th president and current president have a lot in common.

“I feel like I watched the Obama presidency very much through a Lincoln lens,” Kushner said. “The movie is the movie, but it’s been, I think, extraordinary to watch what I consider to be a great president in action while working on a film about a great president in action.”

“Lincoln” opened Friday in 11 theatres across the country and has already grossed over $1 million. It premieres nationwide November 16.

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