OBAMA TO CEOs: Here's Why You Should Support My Economic Agenda

President Barack Obama had a lengthy conversation at an event hosted by the Business Roundtable, an association of American CEOs, on Wednesday.

In the discussion, Obama pointed out areas where he said the policies of his administration are in line with the interests of the business community. Obama mainly focused on his immigration reform push, but he also listed three other areas where he said his agenda can help corporate America:

Infrastructure: Obama described this as “one area where we need to go ahead and make significant investments.”

“Anybody who travels around the world and looks at what airports outside of the United States now look like — and roads, and trains, and ports, … now look like — recognises it makes no sense for us to have a first-class economy but second-class infrastructure,” said Obama.

Tax Reform: “I’ve consistently said that for us to have a system in which we have, on paper, one of the two or three-highest tax rates in the world when it comes to corporate taxation but in practice there’s so many loopholes that you get so many loopholes between what companies pay, doesn’t make sense.”

Trade: “In Asia, there is a great hunger for engagement with the United States of America and the Trans-Pacific Partnership is moving forward,” Obama said. “We are optimistic about getting a deal done.”

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