Here comes Obama's victory lap on Obamacare...

Barack ObamaGetty ImagesPresident Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama will deliver a statement from the Rose Garden at 11:30 a.m., the White House said.

He is addressing the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, which provided the administration with a significant victory.

It’s the second time in four terms the court has prevented the law from a major obstruction that would threaten its existence. The Affordable Care Act will again survive intact as the largest expansion of healthcare in half a century.

The key question in the case centered on whether the federal government had the ability to provide subsidies to help low-income Americans buy health insurance.

The challengers in the case argued the way the law was written does not allow for subsidized insurance in states where the federal government had set up insurance exchanges. Instead, the challengers argued, insurance subsidies are allowed only in states that have set up their own exchanges. They pointed to a clause that they argued meant exchanges should be “established by the state,” but members of Congress who were involved in writing the law disputed characterization. Thirty-four states currently rely on the federal marketplace.

This post will be updated when Obama speaks.

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