Obama Goes Off On House GOP At Failure To 'Pass A Darn Bill,' Will Bypass Congress On Immigration

Saying he’s grown frustrated with waiting for congressional Republicans, an angry President Barack Obama said Monday he will bypass Congress and act on his own to make changes to immigration policy by the end of the summer.

Obama spoke Monday from the Rose Garden, where he slammed House Republicans for being too accommodating to the conservative, anti-immigration wing of their party and chided House leadership for not working to pass a “darn bill.”

“They’re unwilling to stand up to the Tea Party and do what’s right for the country. And what’s worse — a bunch of them know better,” Obama said in the Rose Garden, where he was joined by Vice President Joe Biden.

A White House official said earlier Monday that Obama’s new moves came after House Speaker John Boehner told him last week the House will not vote on immigration-related legislation this year. Obama said Boehner informed him Republicans will not vote “at least for the remainder of this year.” The president has faced pressure from immigration advocates to stem the tide of deportations in lieu of waiting for congressional legislation.

Obama said he will direct Homeland Security Department Secretary Jeh Johnson and Attorney General Eric Holder to present him with executive actions he can take without congressional approval by the end of the summer. He said he will implement them “without further delay.”

Obama also announced he will direct his administration to move enforcement resources from the interior to the border, amid a staggering humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. Obama said the border crisis only underscores the need for Congress to pass legislation.

“The President will continue to make clear that regardless of the steps he takes through administrative action, nothing replaces Congress’s ability to pass commonsense immigration reform, and will continue to make the case for a comprehensive bill,” the White House official said early Monday.

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