Obama Just Signed An Act To Help Make Your Next Smartphone More Beautiful

If you look at the back of your smartphone, chances are you’ll see some labels that include the FCC’s logo and your phone’s serial number.

These labels have always been a requirement, but thanks to a new E-Label act signed Wednesday by President Obama, your next smartphone can ditch those labels, at least on the outside of the device.

Instead of physically printing the labels on smartphones, the E-Label act will allow smartphone makers to include the FCC’s logo, serial number, CE label, and model number in virtual form within your smartphone’s software. This will not only give phone designers more uncluttered space to work with, but it will also bring savings to phone manufacturers.

That means your next iPhone could feature an even more minimal design, with only Apple’s iPhone name and “Designed by Apple in California” inscribed on the phone’s shell.

The E-Label act’s author, Senator Deb Fischer, said the act was “common sense” and would serve to modernize the law, according to Cult of Mac.

Before landing on President Obama’s desk, the act was unanimously approved by the House of Representatives before passing through the Senate in September.

While you’ll have to wait until your next smartphone to see the difference, it’s still nice to know that smartphones will be even less cluttered in the future.

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