Obama's golf course style upgrade proves why you need to stop wearing cargo shorts

It’s no secret that Obama has upped his style game.

The 44th POTUS has taken on a much more casual style than he had in office, even during leisure time on the golf course. But it’s not just the style and formality of his clothing that’s changed, but the quality and fit too.

Take, for instance, this picture of him on a golf course in Oahu, Hawaii, on Monday:

Obama is wearing a slim white golf shirt with similarly slim shorts that hit above the knee. The colour, too, was on point: a more interesting deep blue colour rather than a more typical khaki or grey.

The new outfit is a marked change for the former president, who in the past we’ve seen golfing¬†in ill-fitting clothing that’s a bit more on the typical frumpy side.

Obama cargo shortsGettyObama golfing in 2014.

The most important detail of his new look: no extraneous pockets or details that would weigh him down. Cargo shorts, as we’ve said before, are the worst thing a man can wear, and it’s nice to see Obama has finally listened to conventional wisdom. It’s an altogether more flattering look.¬†

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