Obama's Electronic "Get Out The Vote" Plan: Cell Phone Messages

Obama was using a high-tech method to get young people out to the polls today: Text messages to their cell phones. Bloomberg:

The Obama campaign plans to use the millions of cell-phone numbers it has amassed over the past 22 months to blast its supporters with that message today..

The biggest concern for the Obama campaign is getting young people — who have registered in record numbers and shown unprecedented interest in surveys — to turn out. In 2004, only 45 per cent of those under 30 showed up to vote, according to Census data, making them just 16 per cent of the electorate that year.

Getting these 44 million eligible voters who represent one- quarter of the electorate to the polls today will be particularly important because there have been reports that this group hasn’t turned out for early voting at the same increased rate as other Obama supporters, such as blacks.

Smart plan. Cheaper and less-labour intensive than traditional methods of canvassing, and always in your pocket.

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