Here's A Big Number That Paul Ryan Changed For The Better In This Wisconsin Poll

Paul Ryan

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CNN says its new Wisconsin poll proves that the state is now a toss-up because of Paul Ryan’s addition to the Republican ticket. The poll shows that the choice of Ryan as Mitt Romney‘s running mate is boosting Romney in certain areas. Most important is Ryan’s effect with Independent voters. In the CNN poll, the Romney-Ryan ticket attracts 46 per cent of the Independent vote to 44 per cent for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. That helps Romney cut into Obama’s lead in the state, though the president still holds a 49 to 45 per cent advantage.

That’s a distinct shift from two other recent polls that showed Obama and Biden leading among Independents — sometimes by a fairly substantial margin. A recent CBS/New York Times/Quinnipiac poll showed that Obama led Romney 48 to 47 per cent there. And in a Marquette Law School poll in early August, Obama led the Independent vote by 10 points

Here’s a look in chart form:

Wisconsin Independent vote

Photo: Brett LoGiurato/Business Insider (Data: CNN, Marquette, Quinnipiac)

The CNN poll also found that Ryan is a popular choice in his native state. 50-four per cent of Wisconsinites think Ryan was a good or excellent VP pick, counter to most of the rest of the country. 50-six per cent think he is qualified to be president. And he has a 50-to-32 favourable to unfavorable rating in the state.

Ryan is also helping Romney in Virginia and Ohio >

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