Karl Rove's Super PAC Hammers Barack Obama's Economic 'War On Women'

Responding to an Obama campaign ad earlier this week, the pro-Mitt Romney and Karl Rove-led super PAC American Crossroads hammered President Barack Obama with an ad that accused him of waging an economic “war on women.” 

“Some people say there’s a ‘war on women.’ We agree. It’s a war being waged in our economy. Under President Obama, the number of women living in poverty has skyrocketed,” the narrator says. 

The Crossroads ad brings back the Romney campaign’s disputed charge championed by the Romney campaign in April. It’s , especially a charge that 92 per cent of job losses have come among women. 

Groups supporting both Obama and Romney have revisited the so-called “war on women” this week.

Crossroads was responding to an Obama ad earlier in the week that brought back the so-called “war on women,” hitting Romney for supporting the overturn of Roe v. Wade and saying he would cut funding to Planned Parenthood. 

Take a look at the new Crossroads ad:

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