Women Are Giving Obama A Huge Lead Over Mitt Romney In Virginia

Barack Obama womenA lot of women are still behind Obama.

Photo: AP

President Barack Obama is maintaining a significant advantage over Mitt Romney in Virginia, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday. Obama leads Romney by 8 points, the same amount he led by in the last poll by the Democratic-leaning firm.Much of that strength in Virginia comes from Obama’s astounding lead with women. Romney has narrowed the gender gap somewhat since basically securing the nomination, but that’s not the case in Virginia so far. Obama leads by almost 20 points among women, but he trails by 7 points among men. The PPP poll sampled an equal percentage of people that identified as Republicans and Democrats. Here’s a look at the gender gap:

Obama Romney women poll

Photo: Public Policy Polling

By comparison, Obama’s advantage is only 8 points among women in North Carolina, where PPP also polled recently.

The new lead for Obama marks a shift from a June poll by We Ask America, which found Romney with a 5-point lead in the state. But every other poll since March has had Obama in the lead, and most firms’ June polls had him up by at least 3 points.   

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