Here's What Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Did This Weekend


Photo: AP

Following a particularly vicious week on the campaign trail, Mitt Romney took some time off this weekend to relax and recharge. The Republican presidential nominee returned to his lakefront home in New Hampshire, joined by some members of the Romney clan. According to reporters staked out at Lake Winnipesaukee, the candidate spent a lot of time on his iPad.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama did not let up on his tireless campaigning, squeezing in a full day of stumping and flesh-pressing with voters in Virginia. 

The Romney family returned to their lakefront vacation home in Wolfeboro, N.H. Saturday for some more boating fun.

Here Romney steers, while his wife, Anne, and son, Josh, sit in the rear of the boat.

Romney dons a helmet and carries a tire pump outside his vacation home Saturday. It's not clear for what purpose.

Romney stays focused on his iPad on Saturday.

Josh Romney joins his father (and his father's iPad) lakeside.

In the meantime, President Obama was taking off from the South Lawn of the White House to campaign in Virginia.

Here he is stopping by a produce stand in Mechanicsville, Va., on Saturday.

He also took a minute to chat with the stand-owners, Bill and Sandra Berry.

At a rally in Glen Allen, Obama turned on his best campaign charm.

But not everyone was happy about Obama's visit. Conservatives protested before the president's speech in Glen Allen, Virginia, Saturday.

In Walkertown, the crowd stood out in the rain to hear Obama speak.

Supporters cheered President Obama before he delivered remarks at a rally at Centreville High School in Clifton, Va.

But the President did squeeze in some downtime on the golf course on Sunday.

Romney's been spending a lot of time at the lake this summer...

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