Obama's Ad Destroys Mitt Romney Over Tax Returns And The '47%'

Just one week after the leaked video of Mitt Romney‘s campaign fundraiser surfaced, President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is out with a new television ad slamming the Republican presidential candidate for his now-infamous “47 per cent” remarks. 

The ad, titled “No Taxes,” opens with a clip from the video, as a narrator explains that Romney “attacked 47% of Americans who pay no income tax — including veterans, elderly, the disabled,” before asking “Doesn’t the President have to worry about everyone?”

It then takes the attack one step further by tying Romney’s comments to the candidate’s personal tax returns, pointing out that the Romneys paid an effective rate of 14.1 per cent on their tax returns in 2011, and that the Republican nominee still refuses to release additional tax returns. 

“Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, Romney should come clean on his,” the ad concludes. 

The 30-second spot will go on air today in Ohio, where Romney and Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will campaign this week. 

Watch the whole thing below: 

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