Obama Has Had A Stunning Decline In Support Among New Mexico Democrats

Barack Obama


President Barack Obama has experienced a stunning decline in New Mexico polling from Public Policy Polling, due to a surprising amount of Democrats that are turning away from him. Obama’s lead is down to 5 points in New Mexico, down from the 14.5-point average lead he held over the last two PPP polls of the state. And his lead among Democrats has dipped to just 73 per cent, while 21 per cent prefer Romney. 

For some context on how bad this is, Obama won 91 per cent of New Mexico Democrats in 2008. He does, however, garner 47 per cent of the Independent vote in this PPP poll to Romney’s 38 per cent. 

PPP’s Tom Jensen writes that New Mexico still looks like a “lean Obama” state, but that he needs to shore up the support of conservative Democrats. 

New Mexico is a state, like North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where any chance at victory for Romney is going to require winning over a significant number of conservative Democrats. Right now he’s doing a pretty decent job of that.

Here are some charts that display Obama’s decline over the past few months. The previous two polls were taken in December and April.

First, the margin of Obama’s lead over Romney:

Obama Romney New Mexico

Photo: Brett LoGiurato/Business Insider

Now a look at the shrinking Democratic support:

Obama Romney New Mexico

Photo: Brett LoGiurato/Business Insider

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