GASPARINO: The White House Is Privately Telling Bankers That We Won't Default If Debt Deadline Missed

obama telephone

It’s looking more and more likely that Congress will not hit the August 2 deadline, but according to Charlie Gasparino you should have no fear.

He reports that in secret, the administration has been making calls to Wall Street, telling bankers that the administration will find a way to avoid no matter what.

It’s not clear what that means: Payment prioritization, the 14th Amendment option, or perhaps some new special measure Geithner could pull out to conserve cash?

That being said, the Administration reportedly does believe that a downgrade is still likely without a deal that cuts costs.

A lot of folks have suspected¬† that August 2 isn’t REALLY a debt default day… it might explain the market’s ennui at the failure of politicians to solve this issue.

Meanwhile, one GOPer is out saying that if Obama did let a default happen that he’d possibly be impeached, which is hilarious because others have talked about impeachment in the event that the 14th Amendment is invoked.

For more on today’s debt ceilling activity, see here >

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