Obama Pours Campaign Cash Online

The Obama campaign dumped $1 million into advertising on Google (GOOG) in February, more than six times the campaign’s entire online ad spend for January, according to Federal Election Commission filiings reviewed by MediaPost.

In the past we’ve noted the campaigns raise a lot of money online, but spend almost all of it on traditional media. But February’s report is the first sign we’ve seen that any of the candidates is serious about Web ads.

In addition to Google, the Obama campaign spent $99,341 for advertising on Yahoo (YHOO) and another $58,000 on Yahoo Search Marketing, as well as $4,900 on Facebook. Obama’s online spending for February totalled $1.25 million, including a $93,152 payment to political consultancy Blue State Digital. That compares to $163,188 in online ads in January.

Obama far outspent Hillary Clinton online. Clinton spent $67,000 on Google and $9,186 on Yahoo during the same period.

Both campaigns raised healthy amounts online in February. Obama raised $55 million, of which $45 million came in via the Internet. Clinton raised $35 million, $30 million coming from online.

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