Another Day Brings More Historically Terrible Poll Numbers For Obama And Obamacare

Another day, another “record low” for President Barack Obama in a new poll.

This time, it’s in a CBS News survey released Wednesday. Obama’s approval rating sits at an all-time low of 37%, a 9-point drop in only a month. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, is 57% — the highest of his presidency.

The poll comes at a time when the launch of his signature federal health-care program has been a full-fledged disaster. And for the Affordable Care Act itself, the numbers are bad, as well.

Only 31% now say they approve of the law known as Obamacare, a new low in CBS polling. That’s down a whopping 12 points from last month. And a new high of 61% disapprove, including 46% who disapprove strongly. Just one-third of respondents say they are at least somewhat confident the dysfunctional website will be fixed by its target of Nov. 30.

And just 7% think that the law should be kept in place without any changes. If there is a silver lining in the poll, it’s that a majority (48%) think there should be some changes to make it work better, while only 43% support full repeal.

A key asset for Obama has always been the perception that he’s trustworthy and honest, as well as likable. During last year’s campaign, 60% of respondents in a CBS poll said they thought Obama was honest and trustworthy. Only 49% say the same today.

The CBS poll mirrors other plunges in Obama’s approval ratings amid a bevy of setbacks since the summer. According to the Real Clear Politics average of seven recent polls, Obama’s approval-to-disapproval split sits at 40.4-55.1.

Here’s a look at how it’s moved in 2013:

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