Obama Plans to Target Media Consolidation

TheDeal.com reports: Campaigning in Pendleton, Ore., Sunday, Barack Obama said Big Media would be a target of his administration’s antitrust enforcers if he is elected. What took him so long to target media consolidation?

Preventing mergers in the news and entertainment business has been on top of the priority list for some of the staunchest activist groups in the Democratic Party base and you’d think Obama would have reached out to them long ago.

Sunday’s vow is generally in line with promises the apparent Democratic presidential nominee made in September, when in a policy paper submitted to the American Antitrust Institute he pledged to reverse Bush Administration neglect of merger and competition oversight. At that time, however Obama singled out only health insurers and pharmaceutical companies as deserving of special scrutiny. Since then his advisers added energy producers to the list. Read more from TheDeal.com.

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