Obama Photo Op And Two Inaugural Seats: Not Priceless, $62,000 (And Counting)


By comparison, a meeting with Clinton is going for $7,500.

Bloomberg: The Obama meet and greet, which is being auctioned off to benefit the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, has fetched a top bid of $62,500 since it was posted last month on CharityBuzz.com. The bidding closes tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. New York time.

….a one-hour private lesson with soccer star David Beckham at his Los Angeles academy, another experience offered on the site, has attracted a top bid of $40,000 with eight days to go. The highest bid for a meeting with former President Bill Clinton after one of his future speaking engagements is $7,500.

Price that Clinton getting paid for said enagement? Probably 10 times as much.

The New York-based Waxman foundation funds research to find ways to make cancer cells behave like normal cells, said Didi Lacher, the organisation’s director of strategic planning and marketing.

…The Obama experience includes a photo session with the president-elect and Vice President-elect Joe Biden, admission for two to corporate functions and exclusive Republican and Democratic party events and VIP seats at an inaugural ball attended by Obama.

The winning bidder must be a legal U.S. resident (though U.S. citizenship isn’t required) and will be screened and approved by the Secret Service, said Holzman, who will charge the foundation a fee for organising the auction.