Here's What Obama Was Really Up To In The Past Two Weeks

Obama Oct2010President Barack Obama fist-bumps Vice President Joe Biden, as Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett looks on, before a meeting in the Oval Office, Sept. 16, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Photo: White House flickr

Obama’s October has been busy so far – filled with talking to Hollywood stars, signing globes and making a surprise visit to a Wisconsin high school. But even amidst all the chaos, it’s good to know that America’s president still makes time for a good ole fashioned fist-bump.

Obama will be asking Congress to approve a $50 proposal to improve nation's roads, railways and air systems this month.

Michelle being briefed before a meeting with injured service members.

Hanging out with The American, Geroge Clooney, to discuss the continuous struggle in Sudan.

Talking to California Governor Schwarzenegger, who recently announced that he believes the president will win a second term

While answering questions on the economy, Obama encouraged Virginians to vote in November's polls.

Visiting the home of Jeff and Sandy Clubb in Iowa to discuss the economy with families.

Spending quality time with his political director, Patrick Gaspard.

Making a surprise visit to La Follette High School in Wisconsin.

Back to high school – it's game time.

Surprise. Yes, it's me.

Why the long face, Mr. President?

Obama speaks with advisors before his first face-to-face meeting with President Calderon of Columbia

Making the rounds in New York: Michelle Obama held a luncheon at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, NY for all the spouses of UN members .

Making the rounds in New York: Obama hosted a reception for visiting heads of state at the American Museum of Natural History in New York

Talking with Turkish President Abdullah Gül

Greeting with Premier Wen Jiabao at the UN in New York

Obama and Geithner chatting before meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao

Backstage as Obama addresses the UN.

Meeting with insurance commissioners to discuss implementation issues related to the new health care reform law.

Family time at the White House

Joking with National Economic Council Director Larry Summers, who is rumoured to be leaving the administration after the mid-term elections

Obama stands camera ready as he is taped at the Pennsylvannia Convention centre, where he has been campaigning for Rep. Joe Sestak's Senate Bid

Talking employment stats at CNBC and defending his record on the economy

Sitting with his speechwriter, 26-year-old Jon Favreau, who has been writing the president's speeches since his bid for president.

Waiting at Westchester County Airport, N.Y. for a flight back to the capital

American Leaders' Legacy: The signatures of Obama, Bush and Bush, Sr. are sprawled across North America on a globe in the White House. No Clinton?

Chatting with his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, as Biden speaks with other senior advisors

Obama and Biden find time for a classic fist-bump

Obama and Biden wait for their cues before making a press statement at the White House's Rose Garden

Obama speaks with members of his cabinet at the White House

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