This Week Could Have Been A Disaster For Obama, And Instead It Was Pretty Amazing

Politico’s Ben White tweets a good 118-character recap of how Barack Obama’s potentially disastrous week ended up with a bunch of victories, as we approach the four-month mark before the election:

Ben White tweet

Photo: Twitter/@morningmoneyben

It’s a good point. In addition, Monday was a big win with the Supreme Court overturning most of the Arizona immigration law (and leaving the “papers please” provision open for future legal challenges). 

Thursday, of course, brought a win as the Supreme Court upheld his signature legislative achievement. And on Friday, markets soared as the EU finally addressed some of the concerns about the shaky European economy.

On top of everything, polls showed Obama cruising ahead of Mitt Romney, especially in swing states. 

Obama’s Kevin Youkilis flub seems so long ago. 

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