Obama Loves Ford (F), McCain Loves GM (GM): Which Cars You'll Buy Under Each Administration

Obama or McCain? If you’re looking to buy a car in the next four years (or invest in a car maker), the choice of the next president may affect that decision. The Car Connection breaks down which cars will be the most popular (and coolest) under each administration.

Senator Barack Obama:

Diesel pickups:

  • Since pickups won’t be disappearing anytime soon, Obama’s vehement support of biodiesel makes Detroit’s automakers very happy as they ready to produce several models of these diesel trucks.

Honda (HMC) Accord Diesel:

  • This car not only gets to play the diesel card, it also will get 50 mpg.

Ford (F) Fiesta:

  • Ford’s new subcompact (coming in 2010) would love some of Obama’s promised $4 billion for Detroit to build small cars.

Senator John McCain:

Toyota (TM) Prius:

  • McCain has spoken out about more incentives for high mileage autos and the Prius could use a boost since its tax credits are long expired.

Honda Civic GX:

  • Like Boone Pickens, McCain wants more natural-gas powered cars. This Civic runs on compressed natural gas (CNG).

Chevrolet (GM) Volt:

  • More nuclear power will help this quixotic GM plug-in hybrid charge up and the zero-emissions should receive tax credits from McCain.

Nissan (NSANY) EV:

  • It may have been a gimmick, but McCain’s $300 million electric battery contest may help Nissan with its quest to have an all-electric vehicle in the US by 2010.

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