Here's One Romney Surrogate's Spin On Obama's Debate Performance

Stuart StevensStuart Stevens

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Mitt Romney adviser Stuart Stevens had a unique take in the post-debate spin room last night of why President Barack Obama lost the debate.Obama, he admitted, was a different and more forceful debater than the first debate. But then he said that quality would turn voters off.

“It’s very disconcerting to voters when they see someone as a president show up as an entirely different person than he was two weeks ago,” Stevens told reporters in the spin room. “That happened to Al Gore in 2000. You want to think that the president who wakes up in the White House every day is that same person and is not going to be erratic, and is not going to be coached up to do this or that — to be sort of a less-smiling version of Joe Biden.”

He was then asked what, specifically, he was referring to about Obama’s performance. 

“It’s just — his entire demeanor was different,” Stevens said. “It’s kind of like they said, ‘OK, we didn’t like this person, so we’re going to make a new person.’  It’s a very disconcerting quality to voters. They want someone who’s going to be very steady. There’s a manufactured quality to it — a non-genuine quality to it.”

Stevens said that voters would see the difference — between a president that “slept through” the last debate and one that said, “I better drink 20 Red Bulls” before last night’s.

“I think Mitt Romney is very steady,” Stevens said. “The person you saw tonight is the same person you saw 10 days ago. It’s a quality that people like.”

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