Lawyers Aren't Giving Mitt Romney Very Much Love This Election Season

Barack Obama Mitt Romney

Lawyers must really like President Barack Obama, or at least want him to win another term in office.

The president has gotten more than twice as much campaign money from lawyers and law firms than Mitt Romney, the National Law Journal is reporting.

Lawyers and law firms have so far donated a total of $24.3 million to all presidential candidates in the 2011-2012 election cycle, and more than half of that—$15.4 million—has gone to President Obama. Romney trails with $6.8 from lawyers and law firms, according to

This revelation follows Obama’s August fundraising victory over Romney, in which the president reported donations of $114 million versus his opponent’s $111.6 million. 

In fact one of Obama’s overall top contributors is multinational law firm DLA Piper, which alone has contributed $331,715 to his campaign, according to

Only retirees have contributed more to political candidates this season than lawyers, giving a total of $63.2 million to the candidates, The National Law Journal reported.

Although Obama holds a clear lead in contribution from the legal sector, the number is dwarfed by the amount he received from the industry four years ago when he received a staggering $46.5 million.

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