Obama Inauguration 5th Most Watched Net Event Ever

This afternoon’s inauguration of President-elect President Barack Obama was a hugely anticipated web event, with office workers stuck at their computers looking for ways to watch the event on the web.

And the early numbers are in: News web sites saw about 5.4 million visitors per minute, making Obama’s taking of his oath of office the fifth biggest web event since Akamai (AKAM) started its tracking in August 2005.

Not a bad showing for the new president, but it’s still far less than the US losing to Ghana in the World Cup, which attracted 35% more eyeballs in 2006.

Highest Peaks based on total visitors per minute

  1. Nov. 4, 2008  8,572,042  Barack Obama is victorious in historic presidential election    
  2. June 22, 2006  7,283,584  U.S. eliminated by Ghana in World Cup    
  3. Mar. 20, 2008  7,008,325  Day One of U.S. College Basketball 2008 Playoffs Coverage    
  4. Mar. 16, 2006  5,489,918  Day One of U.S. College Basketball 2006 Playoffs Coverage
  5. Jan. 20, 2009  5,401.250  Barack Obama’s inauguration

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