Obama's New Immigration Policy Is A Huge Hit In Three Crucial Swing States

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In a Quinnipiac swing state poll released Wednesday morning, President Barack Obama has an enormous lead over Mitt Romney among Latino voters. The likely reason why? Voters in all three states — Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania — overwhelmingly support Obama’s recent shift in immigration policy, which will make it policy not to deport some young illegal immigrants and start granting some of them work permits. Here’s a closer look at the support:

Quinnipiac poll

Photo: Quinnipiac.edu

Most important could be Florida, a key swing state (virtually a must-win for Romney) where a high turnout of Latino voters could shift the balance. In Florida, 74 per cent of Latino voters supported the shift. Moreover, 57 per cent think Obama would do a better job than Romney on immigration. And 34 per cent said it would make them more likely to vote for Obama, though the majority (50 per cent) said it wouldn’t make a difference.

But though Obama sees increased support in Florida, more voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio said they were now less likely to vote for him than before — even though they support the policy. Again, the vast majority said it wouldn’t make a difference.

This follows a recent trend of swing-state polling that has found Latino enthusiasm surging in the wake of Obama’s announcement. Surveys by Latino Decisions portray skyrocketing enthusiasm for Obama, especially in Arizona and Colorado. Overall in five key battleground states, 49 per cent of Latinos were more excited about voting for Obama.

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