Obama Blasted The Huffington Post For Its 'Progressive Whipping Boy' Coverage Of Larry Summers

Larry Summers

President Barack Obama blasted the left-leaning Huffington Post for its critical coverage of potential Federal Reserve chair appointee Larry Summers, saying that they and other liberal-skewing outlets were unfairly making him a “progressive whipping boy.”

Summers is considered the front-runner for the position, with current Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellin not far behind in the “race.” Yellin is the strong preference of liberals and many progressive Democrats, some of whom in the Senate sent a letter to Obama urging her appointment over Yellin. 

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) told reporters that Obama told House Democrats in a closed-door meeting to “not to believe everything you read in The Huffington Post,” according to The Hill

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) also said that Obama “gave a full-throated defence of Larry Summers and his record in helping to save the economy in the dark days of ’09.” He also said, according to the HuffPo’s Zach Carter, that the publication had cast Summers as “progressive whipping boy”:


Some of the HuffPo’s recent headlines suggest why Obama might be a little upset with their coverage:

  • “The Bungled Coronation of Larry Summers”
  • “Larry Summers Fed Nomination Would Bypass ‘Steady’ And ‘Right’ Janet Yellen”
  • “Larry Summers Citigroup Job: Obama Fed Candidate Works For Bailed Out Bank”
  • “The Many Reasons Larry Summers Would Be A Terrible Fed Chairman”
  • And, finally, “Surely The Obama Administration Is Joking About This ‘Have Larry Summers Run The Federal Reserve’ Thing!”

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