There Are Still A Bunch Of Hedge Funders Raising Money For Obama

Barack Obama

Photo: AP

Even though most of the hedge funder’s political contributions have gone to Republican candidate Mitt Romney, there are still a bunch that are donating to Obama’s re-election campaign.Absolute-Return Magazine’s Lawrence Delevingne has compiled an updated list of hedge fund bundlers using the centre for Responsive Politics and a list of fundraisers on

Here’s a rundown hedge funders who have recently raised money for Obama’s campaign.

  • Scott Nathan (Baupost Group)
  • Hamilton Jones (Blackstone)
  • Les Coney (Merisow Financial)
  • James Chanos (Kynikos)
  • Jonathan Burgstone (Symbol Capital)
  • Stephen Robert (ex-Renaissance Technologies)
  • Cappy McGarr (McGarr Capital)
  • Jewelle Bickford (Genspring Family Offices)
  • Lynn Meredith (Meredith Family Investments)
  • Judith-Ann Corrente and Wim Kooyker (Blenheim Capital Management)
  • Joseph Gutman (Grosvenor Capital Management)

So far, there are 25 hedge funders raising money for Obama’s campaign compared with Romney’s 31.  

See Delevingne’s full list here >

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