Obama Hasn't Told Us What He'd Do With Another Four Years

This post originally appeared at The Week. 

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The Republican presidential candidates have spent months throwing out ideas for what they’d do if elected — cut taxes, reform Medicare, roll back regulations, build moon colonies — but President Obama has been rather vague about what he would do if he wins re-election in November. That fuzziness has left Obama’s allies to “project their brightest hopes on him,” while allowing rivals to warn of second-term plans that “range from dour to near-apocalyptic,”say David Fahrenthold and Peter Wallsten in The Washington Post. Here, seven predictions of what Obama might do — or try to do — if voters keep him around through January 2017:

1. Embrace the cause of same-sex marriage
Obama has been “evolving” in his views on gay marriage since at least December 2010, says Max Markham at PolicyMic, but if he’s re-elected, he’ll have to stop evolving and “unequivocally come out in favour of same-sex marriage.” A growing number of powerful Democrats now endorse same-sex marriage laws, and the public is increasingly on board. In his first term, Obama oversaw the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”; he will “contribute to the repeal of the discriminatory defence of Marriage Act in his second term.”

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