The Best Reactions Kids Have To Barack Obama

obama kid kiss

Photo: White House via Flickr

President Barack Obama was back on the campaign trail this month, kissing babies and flesh-pressing with unsuspecting diner patrons in an effort to charm his way back into the White House for another term.Like most politicians, children are a favourite prop for Obama, giving him an opportunity to show off his fun-loving, every-man side. And while they can’t vote for him — and sometimes don’t even know who he is — kids tend to have very strong responses to meeting the Commander-in-Chief.

From surprisingly joyous affection to downright scepticism, photos have captured some pretty priceless reactions. Here are some of the best we’ve seen. 

This little girl just went for it.

The kid in the front is really psyched.

His classmates weren't so sure.

This little girl was not so happy.

And this little girl from Montana couldn't have cared less.

This kid is just awesome.


Where are these children? And why is the President looking at them through a window?

This Virginia classroom turned into a mosh pit for Obama.

These kids were more focused on documenting the moment.

This baby is definitely not so happy about meeting Obama.

Neither was this one.

This baby is still undecided.

Obama isn't sure what to do with this one.

Looks like he got the hang of it with this little one though.

Check out this little boy's disappearing tie.

This little guy looks lost.

But these kids knew exactly what to do.

These kids aren't quite sure they want to meet Obama.

Not every baby gets to play peek-a-boo with the President.

But Nancy Pelosi's granddaughter is unfazed by halls of power.

And Obama's niece Savita gets to hang out with POTUS on the reg.

These ladies are really happy the Obamas are holding that baby — the baby does not feel the same way.

In the end, you've got to hand it to the guy — politics aside, he's really good at kissing babies

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