Obama's Fundraising Emails Are Beginning To Sound More And More Desperate

Barack Obama


President Obama‘s fundraising emails have been getting increasingly weird over the past few weeks and months, but two Democratic emails to donors Monday are beginning to portray increasing signs of doom in an attempt to ramp up donations. The first was addressed to supporters from Vice President Joe Biden. It was titled, simply, “This is how we could lose the election.” 

Here’s Biden’s plea to supporters:

Three months in a row, Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have trounced our fundraising totals. And, along with allied outside groups, they’re using that cash to try to obliterate our side on the airwaves, outspending us in some battleground states by margins of up to three to one.

The pundits are saying this is how we could lose the election. You know what I say?

When you get knocked down, get up. There’s no quit in America. There’s nothing we can’t do.

Biden ends the email with a Post Script:

P.S. — I’ve seen a lot of good campaigns —with smart, strong candidates and bold visions for the change we need — go down, simply because they couldn’t keep up. Don’t let this campaign be one of them. Donate today.

Fifteen minutes later came a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee email from Democratic strategist James Carville. In it, Carville calls Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan a “right-wing wonder boy,” but the rest of the email sends a warning to supporters:

There’s no way around it — combine all this Tea Party money with all that Koch Brothers’ Super PAC cash, and we’re in danger of letting this thing get out of hand.

We’ve gotta close the gap and fight back before it’s too late. […]

Now, we’re coming down to the home stretch – the election is only a couple months out. I don’t want that feeling in my gut after it’s over where I wish we’d done more.

So I need y’all with me right now. Step up, hit ’em where it counts.

And this all comes after Obama addressed supporters himself on Sunday. In an email entitled “This is critical,” Obama wrote that “the whole thing is riding on you” to close the ad-spending gap. 

You’re getting this email because you know what the stakes are in this election. You know the facts about what we’ve done to prevent a deeper crisis and to start building an economy that works for the middle class. 

But for someone who’s not as engaged, these ads may be an important and possibly even primary source of information about the choice in this election. 

So it’s a bad situation if 90 per cent of them are false, negative attacks on us. 

We’re losing this air war right now. 

I don’t have as much time to campaign this time as I did in 2008, so this whole thing is riding on you making it happen.

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