Actually, Some Wall Streeters Haven’t Turned On Obama And They’re Willing To Pay $35,800 For A Moment With POTUS

obama love

After all of yesterday’s hype that former Democratic loyalists in the hedge fund world are abandoning Obama for the GOP, we forgot about the Wall Streeters who still adore POTUS.

According to John Carney at NetNet, tonight Bam “is in New York for a bunch of fund raisers that begin at the home of former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.”

The former Goldman CEO will host about 60 guests who have paid $35,800 for a space at the table, “including many prominent Wall Street figures.”

Such figures — NetNet heard on the grapevine that Dimon and Blankfein could show up at the Corzine carousal.

Then Bam heads to the Waldorf Astoria to charm another 340 people, who have also paid $35,800 to be allowed through security.

“The first $5,000 goes to the Obama campaign, with the rest to the Democratic National Committee,” according to the Wall Street Journal.