Is It Unpresidential To Put Your Feet Up?

Official White House photographer Pete Souza just published a bunch of photos from 2014. The gallery includes the picture below. 

As Time Magazine’s Zeke Miller noted, Mr. Souza devotes much of the caption of the photo to defusing the potential criticism that President Obama is a wee bit too casual here:

March 1, 2014. “The President talks with some of his national security advisors before a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the situation in Ukraine. I’m sure there will be people quick to comment about his wearing casual clothes and having his feet on his coffee table. Let’s keep perspective in mind: it was a Saturday, and a President is the President whether he’s wearing a suit on a weekday or casual clothes on a weekend. And a President, any President, isn’t disrespecting the office if he puts his feet on a table or a desk; he’s just being relaxed.”

Well, what do we think?
We’re big fans of putting our feet up, being comfortable, etc. But it seems worth pointing out that no one else in this relaxed, weekend group has their feet on the table. There’s certainly no question about whose office this is!
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