Obama's Favorability Rating Hits A Three-Year High

Barack Obama

Photo: AP

President Barack Obama’s favorability rating has climbed after re-election to its highest point in years, mirroring his uptick in approval rating after winning re-election.Obama’s favorability has reached 58 per cent in a Gallup poll released over the weekend, his best mark since a July 2009 reading found him at 66 per cent. Overall, he has lost 10 points of favorability since first being elected in 2008 — and 20 points since his inauguration.

At its low point, the president’s approval rating had ticked below 50 per cent in late 2010. 

Here’s a look at the progression:

Gallup Obama

The favorability measure is another step in what appears to be a well-rounded post-election bump for the president. Last Monday, Obama’s approval rating in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll hit 54 per cent, its highest in more than three years.

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