Here Are The Numbers That Should Have Democrats Frightened In An Awful Poll For Obama

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A new CBS/New York Times poll that gives Mitt Romney a 1-point advantage over President Barack Obama also displays some concerning numbers for the president and his re-election chances.  First, the enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans when compared to 2008 gives Romney a distinct advantage in potential turnout. Only 27 per cent of Democrats say they are more excited than 2008 to vote in this election. That compares with an insurgence of Republican enthusiasm — an astounding 49 per cent of Republicans are more enthusiastic.

Second, there is the growing perception that Obama deserves at least some of the blame for the state of the economy. 60-four per cent of voters now think that Obama deserves at least some blame. That compares with a June Gallup poll in which only 52 per cent of Americans assigned him a “great deal” or “moderate” amount of blame. 

And the third is perhaps the most damning statistic. 40-six per cent of voters think Obama’s economic policies will never help. About 34 per cent think his policies will help the economy if he’s given another term. Overall, voters prefer Romney 49-41 on handling the economy and jobs, which was graded as the most important issue of the election. 

The one bit of silver lining for the Obama camp? The middle class still prefers him. 50-two per cent think Obama will do more to help the middle class, compared with just 38 per cent that pick Romney. 

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