The US's Egypt Ambassador Just Contradicted And Embarrassed Obama

Hosni Mubarak speech

“President Mubarak’s continued leadership is critical: it’s his opportunity to write his own legacy.” 

Thus spake Frank Wisner, former US Ambassador to Egypt and the Obama Administration’s special envoy to the Egyptian government.

The White House quickly “contexted” Ambassador Wisner’s remarks, saying they were “personal” and did not reflect the views of the President or the United States government.

Amb. Wisner’s remarks also caused a stir amongst the various Egyptian constituencies hoping to speed President Mubarak’s departure from office.  Adding insult to injury, it was reported today that Mr. Wisner’s firm, Patton Boggs, does a ton of legal and advisory work for the Egyptian military and the Mubarak regime. 

Contradicting the President of the United States when you are working on his behalf is bad enough.  Embarrassing the President of the United States while entrusted with a matter of sensitive national interest is a firing offence.

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