The Recurring Answer To This Poll Question Should Give Obama Nightmares

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There’s a question that keeps popping up in CBS/New York Times polls, and the recurring answer should frighten President Barack Obama and his supporters. The question goes something like this: Do you think Barack Obama’s policies on the economy are improving it now; will improve it if given more time; or will never improve it? And the answer that has come up all four times — in a national poll and in polls of three swing states — is that Obama’s policies will never improve the economy

It first came up in a mid-July CBS/NYT national poll, in which 46 per cent of those surveyed said his policies would never help the economy

The results were even more damning in a Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT poll of the swing states Virginia, Wisconsin and Colorado. In all three states, the majority of voters chose that option. In Colorado, a majority (51 per cent) said his policies would never help the economy.

Americans will vote head-to-head in November, and a large part of their decision will come on Obama’s existing economic policies vs. Romney’s planned policies.

The polls show that Obama still has some advantages on handling the economy — for example, voters think his policies favour a more even spread of income groups, compared with 51 per cent that think Romney’s favour the rich.

Obama’s policies also still get less of the blame than George W. Bush. Moreover, a Reuters poll Wednesday found that voters still think Obama would do a better job than Romney creating jobs and boosting the economy.

But after three-plus years and with a still-sluggish economy, voters have lost a lot of optimism in those policies.

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