The 9 Silliest Photos Of President Obama At Today's Easter Egg Roll

The White House held its annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday, providing an opportunity for the First Family to partake in events alongside a costumed Easter Bunny.

Traditionally, the Easter Egg Roll is one of the most laid back days of the year at the White House. On Monday, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama both delivered remarks, flanked by the costumed bunny. President Obama read one of his favourite children’s books, “Where The Wild Things Are.” Then there was the actual Easter Egg Roll.

At last year’s Easter Egg Roll, Obama’s dreadful 2-for-22 performance on the basketball court stole headlines. Tthere were no such substandard moments at the 2014 version, but there were plenty of awkward photos..

Here’s Obama, with his special guest:

The special guest looks on, apparently horrified, during a tender moment between the Obamas:

Here’s Obama following proper whistleblower procedures, kicking off the festivities:

As seen in past Easter Egg Rolls, Obama gets really — really — into the children’s book reading. His dramatization of “Where the Wild Things Are included claws:

Then there’s that face:

Obama cheered on the rollers:

He chose the “Steve Holt!” celebration mode:

This is really poor backhand form. Two hands!

Still, as Obama said, “Everybody is a winner!”

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