‘Good luck’: Obama mocks Trump’s ‘half-baked’ plan to make Mexico pay for a massive US border wall

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday dismissed Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s newly released plan to make Mexico pay for a giant wall along the US border.

“Good luck with that,” Obama said sarcastically.

He took a question about Trump’s plan after announcing his support for tax reform in the wake of the bombshell Panama Papers document leak.

Earlier in the day, The Washington Post reported that Trump’s campaign had finally laid out his plan to force Mexico into paying for a US border wall.

In a campaign memo, Trump vowed to restrict money transfers to Mexico unless the country made a one-time payment of $5 to $10 billion for the wall. Those transfers, known as remittance payments, are often from immigrants who are sending money home to family members in Mexico.

But Obama said the consequences of Trump’s proposal would be “enormous” and “impractical.” He also said it would require tracking “every Western Union bit of money being sent back to Mexico.”

“Then we’ve got the implications for the Mexican economy, which in turn if it’s collapsing, sends more people north because they can’t find jobs there,” Obama said. “This is something that’s not thought through.”

He further said he is “constantly” being asked by foreign leaders about “some of the wackier” foreign-policy suggestions made by Trump.

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