This Is What Obama Said To Wall Street Donors At The $35,800 Per Head Dinner In New York

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Photo: AP

Last week Obama headed to the Upper East Side to wine and dine Wall Street.The DNC fundraiser at tony restaurant Daniel cost attendees $35,800 each, and the event netted $2.4 million.

Obama talked to his audience, which included hedge funder Marc Lasry and the CEO of UBS Americas Robert Wolf, about topics ranging from the economy to the 2012 race to Afghanistan.

According to Businessweek,

“There’s a disquiet out there,” the president told the wealthy donors, because people “recognise that we haven’t yet broken through to the future that we want.”

He reiterated his message that the 2012 political campaign is “about a set of contrasting visions” between the Republicans’ “cramped” vision that would cut entitlements and the Democrats’ “big generous vision” of America.

On the deficit talks, which stalled today after Republicans pulled out, he said one vision wants to “shrink” the government to size it was in 1930s, while his party’s vision “says we’re going to have to share sacrifice.”

The crowd apparently broke into applause when he mentioned the impending troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The guests dined on Maine lobster salad with roasted beets, duos of Black Angus beef, braised short ribs with young spinach, and roasted tenderloin with stuffed potato and hen of the woods. Daniel is the eponymous restaurant of award winning restaurateur Daniel Boulud. The meal was prepared by Boulud himself.

The dinner was part of Obama’s plan to win back the group of financiers that helped him cruise past McCain in 2008, many of whom were turned off by the President’s labelling of them as “fat cats” near the beginning of his term.

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