Here's What Obama Did To Prepare For Tonight's Presidential Debate

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Photo: White House via Flickr

President Barack Obama will face off against his Republican challenger Mitt Romney tonight in what is arguably the most high-stakes debate of his re-election campaign. After his poor showing at the first presidential debate, Obama faces serious pressure to put up a strong performance during Tuesday’s rematch. 

So what’s the president doing to prepare? 

Here’s a rundown of Obama’s pre-debate schedule, courtesy of the White House pool report: 

1.    The POTUS worked out this morning and then met up with his team to do a short 45 minute review this morning. He had pasta with chicken for lunch.

2.    This afternoon he will do last minute prep for about an hour with his team. He will spend some down time with his close friends in town for the debate-Marty Nesbitt and Mike Ramos.  

3.    He will have dinner with the FLOTUS at the hotel before the debate.  They are having steak and potatoes at the hotel.


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