Obama Coins: Change You Can’t Believe In


Official coin-collecting organisation, the Professional Numismatists Guild (try saying that five times fast), warns that those commemorative Barack Obama coins you may have seen advertised aren’t much of an investment. It seems many of the pieces are gold-plated not solid gold.

Luxist: “All of the items we’ve seen offered so far on television and online are merely political mementos that certainly may be enjoyable as a keepsake, but typically will have little or no re-sale value later in the mainstream numismatic market,” said Gary Adkins of Edina, Minnesota, Professional Numismatists Guild President. He warns that some of the Obama coins are layered or plated with a very thin layer of gold and that there is usually very little bullion value on plated pieces.

So, if you’re searching for some actual change (like coins) you can believe in, better buy some pieces that are a bit more historic.

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